Walter Garff

Walter Garff

Featured Presenter

Walt has been an insurance agent since 2004. He started in Michigan as an
agent with GE Capital Assurance Long Term Care having gained respect for GE while working with GE Corporate R&D as President of a University of Michigan nanotechnology start-up, Tal Materials (now Nanocerox).

Walt earned an Honors Program Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Utah in
Chemistry before going to the University of Michigan for an MS in Chemistry. While in Ann Arbor he
met and married a Michigan woman, Paula Fader of Ann Arbor. After 41 years the still happy couple has three adult children, their respective spouses, and, to date, only three grandsons.

 Walt started a new career in insurance (financial services) as an LTCI Specialist in 2004
after venture capitalists took control of the company he had built with his Professor partner.
His first insurance client was the young father, R&D Director, at his nanotech company.
(Insurance is about consequences, and protecting the innocent, not about risk.)


Walt received numerous industry awards and selections to elite groups in long-term
care planning. After his advocacy work with clients, he is most proud of being
named MVP of the Genworth (formerly GE) Great Lakes Career agency by his peers.

 Insurance protection became a true passion when Walt experienced the need in his own family.
Both of his not-so-healthy in-laws and both of his healthy, active parents needed care.
Walt’s family didn’t burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars, they burned through
three spouses, two oldest daughters, and one son-in-law, and started on the next oldest
daughters. He muses, “you burn through your family before you burn through your money.”

 Walt’s professional field underwriting experience helps folks get the right insurance
coverage. He has many clients who were initially not approved for insurance. He has found solutions for many clients who needed health or long-term care insurance but were unable to get coverage.

 Over a decade ago, and at the request of his clients, Walt expanded his practice to Medicare and insurance-based retirement income solutions including LIRPs (Indexed Universal Life Insurance Retirement Plans) and Annuities. In today’s ever more complex market Walt believes everyone needs a team of professional money managers. Insurance companies offer everyone a cost-effective way to have that and diversify.

 His Vision: to help folks navigate the process of protecting themselves and their loved ones, transitioning Social Security and the right Medicare option, and providing retirement income solutions they can’t outlive with an eye toward tax-advantaged retirement income.

 His Mission: to educate and empower families without pressure or obligation.

 His Goal: to utilize a straightforward approach in assisting individuals and families with
customized, innovative solutions offered by the best providers for each individual situation.